Information Technology

Features of Cover:

  • Combined Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Policy
  • Limits of up to $20 million for Professional Indemnity and $20 million for Public and Products Liability
  • Costs exclusive limits and deductibles
  • Ability to include incidental non-IT activities
  • Fraud and Dishonesty
  • Former Principals
  • Consultants, Subcontractors and Agents
  • Lost Data
  • Run-off Cover for Entity or Subsidiary
  • Joint Venture Liability
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Attendance at Inquiries
  • Court Attendance Costs
  • Public Relations
  • Heirs, Estates and Legal Representatives
  • Trade Practices and Related Legislation
  • Defence Costs for Breach of Contract
  • Licensee Intellectual Property Rights
  • Continuous Cover
  • Newly Created or Acquired Entity or Subsidiary
  • Claim Mitigation and Fee Recovery
  • Care, Custody and Control

Optional Extensions

  • USA and Canada Cover
  • Consultants, Subcontractors and Agents
  • Reinstatement of Indemnity Limit